Aromatherapy Oracle Cards: 'Tongue of the Trees'


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*The ultimate method of enhancing your aromatherapy journey with the aid of the subconscious mind*

Since the dawn of time man – or probably more accurately - women have used methods of divination not only to see the future, but more to better understand themselves. Indeed, the most famous oracle history has ever known, the Temple of Apollo at Delphi bore the words “Know Thyself” in an enormous stone lintel above the entrance to visit the prophetess.

Most in 21st century, we know little of ourselves.

Medicine is stripped away from psychology and most of our learning comes from books rather than oral traditions that taught us to think in a different way.

Historically, one’s health was understood through archetypes, metaphors and symbols that showed that the boil on the skin or the ache in the back were merely the end of a tale. The tip of the iceberg if you will, that the origin of the illness began in cells many, many months or even years before they broke the skin.

The Tongue of the Trees cards are whispers from the unconscious mind that we hear rustling through the grass. Designed to bypass the conscious mind, they speak to injuries long hidden from our muscle memory. The speak in the language of the plant and its recommendations of oils that teach the medicine of the plant.

Some plants are excellent poets, other’s not so much… but always, the plant understands the agony of human pain and the medicine that can best reduce its sting.

  • Draw one card for a prescription of the oil best suited to balance your mood of the day.
  • Three cards create extraordinary and mysterious blends your conscious mind could never have contemplated lone.
  • Draw 13 cards to spiral back through the development of an emotion to see where physical pain may have its roots.
  • If you’re really clever, read the oracle to see how the next few months could play out in your future.
  • Discover a part of you, you never knew existed. Hear intuition and inspiration and enjoya much deeper relationship with the left hand part of your brain, the oracle that speaks in the Tongue of The Trees.