Anatomy and Physiology with Pathophysiology Book


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This book and the online course has taken the better part of three years to complete, from seed to full expression. While I was a student at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, I undertook studies in healthy physiology and then pathophysiology. I absolutely fell in love with both. By learning healthy physiology first, I could understand more about how an homeostatic imbalance happened. From the tissue, organ, or system perspective, I began to also see how essential oils could be utilized to support the physiology of the body rather then always trying to treat a ‘disease’.

Our new Anatomy and Physiology course and text is designed in a similar fashion. This text covers the very basics of pathophysiology without being a pathophysiology course in and of itself.

Our goal is to have you develop a relationship to the body in health and then gain insights into what may happen when homeostasis goes out of balance. We have titled each module to reflect the contributing role that system has to the human organism and to life.

Anatomy and Physiology TOC
8.5x11 soft cover full color printed textbook includes: 10 modules / 357 pages.