Piñon Pine Resin Infused Jojoba Oil


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Pinon Pine Resin Infused Oil is a rare and precious gift from the majestic pines that grace the high desert landscapes of New Mexico. This amber elixir is the result of a sacred partnership between the trees and the artisans who harvest the resin sustainably. 

This wildcrafted resin incense is the world's oldest perfume in its purest form, allowing you to ground yourself in the rich, smoky scent of New Mexico's iconic piñon pine. The deep amber resin captures the essence of the high desert, with notes of pine needles, warm rock, and sweet earth, inviting you to bring a piece of New Mexico's untamed beauty into your home.

We have gently infused organic jojoba oil with piñon pine resin. One of my favorite for body butters, balms, roll-ons, or perfume salves.