The Carrier Oil Palette Book


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Jade Shutes & Sherilyn Siegmund-Roach


The Carrier Oil Palette covers fixed oils, butters, herbal oils, and CO2 extracts used in aromatherapy, herbal practice, and botanical body care formulation. The book provides an overview of the chemistry of carrier oils as well as the role lipids have in supporting the health of the skin. It explains the principles behind carrier oil storage and the use of additional antioxidant ingredients. It also discusses sustainability concerns and suggests approaches for addressing these concerns.

The strength of this book lies in the up-to-date research it provides in its monographs on twenty-six fixed oils, seven herbal oils, ten natural butters, and eight fixed oil and herbal CO2 extracts. These monographs describe the therapeutic benefits of topical carrier oils applications to the skin and other body systems as well as recommendations for product formulation. An extensive list of references supports this in-depth research. The information is also summarized in numerous tables and appendices for easy reference.

As respected aromatherapists and herbalists, the authors understand the complexities and challenges of developing safe, effective phytotherapy blends and products. They have written this book for all readers, including charts and lists to make the information approachable.

Whether you develop aromatherapy and herbal products for your family or professional practice, this unique, easy-to-use book will guide you to selecting carrier oils to target any type of skin concern for all ages and conditions, as well as address multiple concerns for other body systems. The Carrier Oil Palette will become a keystone in your essential oil or herbal library as a much-loved and well-used reference.

PDF versions for both A4 and US Letter sizes are also available for purchase.


Carrier Oil Palette Book TOC (click to download)
8.5x11 soft cover full color printed book: 215+ pages includes reference charts, fatty acid pie charts, and over 400 references.