Clary sage Hydrosol


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Clary sage aromatic hydrosol

The flowers and top leaves were harvested and distilled on June 13, 2024. This is one of my all time favorite hydrosols to use in a cooling summertime aromatic foot bath. Deeply relaxing and cooling, clary sage hydrosol is amazing!

Clary sage hydrosol:

  • Astringent and can be used on oily or acne prone skin types
  • Euphoric: can impart a feeling of joy
  • Female tonic: cramps, PMS symptoms, emotional upsets, hot flashes, menopausal symptoms, and hormonal skin conditions
  • Use in warm compress to relieve menstrual cramps or during delivery as a compress on the lower back
  • Emotional trauma, heartache
  • An absolutely favorite in foot baths
  • Add 1 Tablespoon in water to drink throughout the day